ECK HAUBOLD & LAXMI is the pioneer in manufacturing calendar bowls in INDIA. It started its operation in the country in the year 1959, when it joined hands with ECK HAUBOLD of Germany, who were in turn the leaders in the field. The manufacturing facilities were imported from Germany and installed in Mumbai under their guidance and factory commenced manufacturing Calender bowls for Textile & Paper Industry.


ECK Haubold & Laxmi is a part of the Thackersey group, established in India in 1873 which has been manufacturing quality textiles for over a century and is a public listed company. Thackersey Group is one of the oldest and reputed business house with many diversified industries in the Portfolio. The Eck Haubold & Laxmi the undisputed market leader from decades.


In the year 1961, raw material for paper bowls was imported from Germany and the bowls were refilled for the first time in the country for textile, jute and paper mills. ECK HAUBOLD & LAXMI continued its efforts in finding out a substitute to the expensive imported calender bowl paper, and were successful in developing a combination of cotton yarn and comber cotton material in the year 1965. A hybrid cotton comber bowl was manufactured for the first time by ECK HAUBOLD & LAXMI for the paper industry calendering coated paper. ECK HAUBOLD & LAXMI became the trend setter by introducing Comber bowls in Paper industry.


The calender bowls were well accepted by the industry and as the demand grew the management decided to expand its manufacturing activities. In the year 1995 a new bowl filling plant was commissioned near Mumbai at Ambernath. Full set of plant and machinery was imported from the world famous bowl makers VOITH SULZER of GERMANY Earlier known as KWF


As a part of R & D and having expertise in the felid of Fabric processing unit ECK HAUBOLD & LAXMI developed and introduced non-woven rolls for the first time in the year 1996. It was supplied to the textile process houses for better squeezing of the fabric. Textile process houses were greatly benefited as they could save lot of thermal and electrical energy due to which they could increase production by 20-30%. Laxmi Helxtra is having it many application such as. ……


Another feather in the cap ECK Joined hands with NCCM Mill Rolls, USA. to manufacture Rolls for CRM Industry with 3M material.


One more world class product in the basket ,Wringer Rolls for Automotive Balnk Washer , The world leaders in Blank washer wringer rolls , The JVM Industries – Germany is our Principal for Blank washer wringer rolls in Automobile OEM.

After serving industries for decades the faith is increased and the demand, increased as well , to full fill the demand and delivery on time , One more green filed plant is commissioned in the year Mid 2012 near Pune Maharashtra , equipped with world’s best and latest machinery brought from Europe for world class Quality and productivities .

The combination of Experience and Latest Technology, unit 2 is standing tall in world map.