Laxmi Helextra Roll

Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll Laxmi Helextra Roll

To more than 50 years Eck Haubold & Laxmi has offered Textile and Paper industry outstanding services in the field of surface finishing. As a part of expansion programme we developed a roll with unique feature of high efficiency liquid extraction. LAXMI HELEXTRA2 is the latest development in Squeezing Technology assuring greater efficiency, substantial cost & energy saving.


Our customers will appreciate HELEXTRA'S potential of tremendous cost saving as many application, it can bring remarkable payback and cost of the Roller will be recovered unbeliveable within few months.


ECK HAUBOLD is first to manufacture non-woven Laxmi helextra roll in the country and is much superior than an ordinary rubber roll. the squeeze-off effect is nearly 50% more, depending on the type of fabric to be processed, using 30 - 50% less energy. That means significant saving in subsequent drying process, resulting improved productivity by increased mangle speed. In many cases it is also possible to work wet-in-wet where by intermediate drying operation can be omitted. Such a unit pays for itself within short span of working because of immense saving in drying energy cost as well as saving energy.


In operation LAXMI HELEXTRA produces a powerful squeezing action and provides cappilary suction. The fabric passes between the nip of LAXMI HELEXTRA and hard roller. the liquid is squeezed by hard roller, and extracted out by LAXMI HELEXTRA roller when compressed. Fabric still in the nip regain its shape, draws air through the fabric in to the capillary and create sucking action which removes much of the liquid from the fabric as shown in the diagram. the recommended nip line pressure is 30 - 50 Kg / cm for excellent results.


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