Mill Wipes

Mill Wipes

NCCM Mill Wipes are a unitized bar product that is made of laminated non-woven web. NCCM Mill Wipes are similar to NCCM Wiper Bars except that NCCM Mill Wipe products have a softer density.


NCCM Mill Wipes are designed to replace felt, rubber, and other traditional wipe materials in applications where fluid control,  oxide/debris removal, and a non-abrasive cleaning surface is important. NCCM Mill Wipes have superior oxide retention abilities compared to other traditional wipe materials.


NCCM Mill Wipes layered construction offer the ability to remove the used layer to expose a clean work surface.

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Compared to NCCM Wiper Bars, NCCM Mill Wipes offer:

  • Better cleaning, “scrubbing”, and wiping action
  • Able to follow surface contours efficiently
  • Can remove and absorb more oxides from metal’s surface more compliancy

Compared to Felt Wipes, NCCM Mill Wipes offer:

  • Far better life
  • Better cleaning, “scrubbing”, and wiping action
  • Less waste
  • Easier to work with