Hard Chrome Metal Roll

Hard Chrome Metal Roll Hard Chrome Metal Roll Hard Chrome Metal Roll Hard Chrome Metal Roll

ECK Hard Chrome Plated Metal Roll

Hard Chrome Roll is known in many names Such as Heating Roll, Metal Roll, and Finishing Roll Hard Chrome Plated Roll.


ECK Hard Chrome Roll is a vital part of Calender Machine, The Finish is the mostly depends upon the Metal Roll or Hard Roll. These roll provide the best support to elastic rolls or soft rolls , the nip is formed with the combination of elastic roll is responsible for the finish on fabric or on paper or any other media which are being to pass through the calendering process.


ECK Hard Chrome Roll stands tall in all quality and Operational Parameters.


Why Hard Chrome Plating Needed?

Hard Chrome Plating on the Metal Roll provides the Excellent finish on the Calendared product due to its Superior Mirror Finish. Chrome Plating Provides Wear Resistance, buildup of surfaces, rust prevention or chemical resistance (and superior friction qualities),


Technical Detail Of ECK Hard Chrome Roll

Chrome Plating Thickness: 80 - 200 Micron.
Dimension Parallelism: 0.05 – 0.1 mm Dimension Eccentricity 0.2 – 0.3mm

Roll Diameter Availability: 510 mm +

Roll Face Length Availability: 3600 mm


Hard Chroming Plating is an Art

At ECK We recognize the importance of cleaning prior to Hard Chrome Coating in our plating process. To achieve the required level of cleanliness and surface dimension Accuracy the roll has to undergo through the Pre Plating Grinding if required roll will be pre-blasted in blasting room

To ensure proper bonding and a superior, wear resistant surface, Chromium must be skillfully impregnated in the metal pores.

Plating is an art that benefits from our extensive, in-house expertise in metallurgy, metalworking and plating.


Plating is a Science (Too!)

This art and Science combination allows us to provide the most superior coating available on every job and the most effective solutions in the industry today. After Plating we called it post plating Treatment, We are fully capable of eliminating problems of distortion, offering dimensionally stability and durability characteristics and achieve the Superior mirror Finish on the surface.


Our Chrome Plating services and Rolls are called upon by leading industries, including:

Textile Calendering

Plastics and Converting ,Wallpaper



Non woven Calendaring

Corrugating and Container


Pulp and Paper


Aluminum Foil

Grey Fabric Finishing


Compression Chart of Hard Chrome Roll

Normal Hard Chrome Roll V/s ECK Haubold Laxmi H.C. Roll
Description Normal Hard Chrome Roll ECK Haubold & Laxmi Hard Chrome Roll Advantage
Construction From Pipe From One Piece Solid Shaft Durable Long Life,
Design Local design as per pipe availability German Design Standard Design Technically Proven
Operation Deflect in high Pressure Stable In High pressure Trouble free running
Wall Thickness Less Wall Thickness Solid Shaft with boring Maintenance Free
Balance Not Done Balancing Static Balanced Roll Smooth Operation
Accuracy Not So accurate In Dimensions Highly Accuracy Maintained Fabric will get even finish
Chrome Platting Less Micron Platting More Micron Platting Working Life is More
Surface Finish Dull Finish Mirror Super finish Excellent Fabric Finish
Weight Light Weight Heavy Weight Sturdy Design